Hardcover binding services

Hardcover is the most classic form of book printing in the world. Hardcover books are sturdy, durable, and beautiful.

In addition, when hardcover books are bound using high-quality methods and services like ours, they drip in luxury. Your hardcover book will survive the wear and tear of being read, re-read, and passed on to future generations. Our hardcover book binding services are perfect if you are looking to create a strong, durable book with the longest shelf life possible.

Hardcover book printing

We print beautiful hardcover art books, that represent real works of art. Albert Oehlen, known as “the most resourceful abstract painter alive,” printed the 496 pages of his hardcover book with OGM. David Hockney, one of the world’s biggest contemporary artists, also printed a compendium of his work with OGM.

Cloth hardcover book printing

Give your book a classy, traditional look by adding cloth to its cover.

Available Bindings

Here at OGM, we offer high-quality, luxury hardcover book printing for any occasion and purpose. Our wide array of binding options gives you the flexibility you need to bring the book of your dreams to life.

Available bindings:

  • Sewn binding: This popular, traditional book-binding method involves collecting pages into sections and sewing them together.
  • Square back binding: This process produces a flat spine for the book. This is the standard spine shape for a hardcover book.
  • Round back binding: This process produces a rounded spine for the book. This gives the book a vintage look.
  • With or without fabric reinforcement: Hardcover books can be bound with or without fabric reinforcement.
  • Endsheets in cloth: Endsheets are the pages glued into the front and back cover of a hardcover book. Adding cloth endsheets brings a dose of luxury and class to any hardcover book project.
  • Bodonian binding: This unique technique consists of adding an additional,designed plate on top of the back and front cover. This adds a touch of luxury and uniqueness to the hardcover piece.
  • French-fold jackets: These are extended covers that fold over the front and back cover of the book. These jackets are often used to provide readers with additional information about the author or plot.
  • Standard jackets: These are detachable covers, often used to protect the book cover, but also used to add an extra dose of design and artwork to it.

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